I’ve been absent lately, been staying pretty quiet. My life has been a whirlwind of newness and I’ve been caught in between day dreaming and living the day to day.

I’ve been thinking a lot as I go into this season. Thinking about what all of this means to me, and where I want to take it. And I realized something. My love for photography isn’t a love of taking pictures. I don’t have a desire to create hundreds of thousands of pictures of people because I believe in the inherent value of a photograph, the more pictures the better, make em happy and make your money. My love for photography is a desire to create something meaningful. It’s the desire to create an image that does something more than capture an appearance. I need more of a purpose than mastering the art of conception and composition. I want excitement.

I want the experience of creating to be more than me running around with a camera pressed to my face, recreating what we’ve all already seen. I want to work for it, I want to feel it. I want to loosen up the boundaries, I want to change expectations. Because honestly, I’m bored. But you know, I charted my own course, I determined what should be expected of me, and I brought myself to where I am… it’s just time for a change.  What I’m looking for now are people who want to see what happens next. Who want to see what’s possible when we change our expectations and set out to create a meaningful experience . I want you, all of you. Let’s see what we can dream up huh?


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  • april joy

    on September 25, 2012  2:01 pm

    beautifully stated, lady.

  • adam

    on September 25, 2012  8:18 pm